Central Heating Repair In London
harry chattaway
I've just been looking for a central heating repairman in London, Notting Hill specifically, for my parents' house - the central heating has packed in, I'm not sure why exactly, perhaps something to do with the boiler.

Anyways, I've contacted the guys from www.centralheatingrepairsnottinghill.co.uk - I'm hoping they can fix it, I'm sure they can.

If not I'm going to go down with a friend of mine who is Corgi qualified and see if he can fix it - problem is I'll have to pay transport for the both of us and I'll need to pay extra for his time - but hopefully he'll do it cheap as he owes me a few favours.

Choosing and Fitting a Shower Enclosure
harry chattaway
Without a shower enclosure it is not be possible to enjoy all the benefits of a shower, but finding the best one is important. If you are installing a shower in a bath a simple curtain could be adequate, but a pivoted shower screen is probably the best option as it allows better access and is far more effective. However, a shower enclosure or shower cabinet is much better if you can fit this into your shower room.

If you are installing a shower enclosure, it is a good idea to carry out any tiling prior installing the enclosure. Since no two showers are identical, the installation method can be different, especially considering there are so many different brands out there, the following is a general guide to installing a shower enclosure.

Decide where your new shower is to be fixed and assuming that you have tiled the wall surfaces and made sure the plumbing is installed properly for the shower, it is time to fit the shower enclosure. The most important task is the fitting of the shower tray using a spirit level to make sure it is level.  Where possible we would recommend that you buy the shower enclosure and the tray by the same brand as this will ensure that it is a tight fit.

The latest enclosures are built so they can be changed to adapt to slight curvatures in the walls and when you are satisfied that you have accommodated these variations, you can install the shower enclosure. Make sure you read the instructions that came with the enclosure, then holding the wall channel vertically, in line with the tray mark through the fixing holes onto the wall. After making the holes and plugging them, screw the channel to the wall. Use silicone sealant if your cabinet needs this, fill the gap between the channel and the wall, then tighten the screws. Next slide the shower enclosure side panel into the channel. Once it is in place, to make sure that there is no leakage, fill the gap where it meets the shower tray.  Change the size of the panel so that it is in the correct place for the door. Drill through the access holes and secure using self-tapping screws. Offer up the door wall channel to the corner post so that the holes are in-line. Finish with sealant around the frame where it meets the wall and shower tray and between the doorframe and wall channels. Nice job!

The Different Types of Massage and How They are Ideal for Different Conditions
harry chattaway
Do you want to improve your health and learn more about massage?  Well look no further!

A massage can benefit people in various different ways, and there are many different types of massage from various origins of massage.

Many people who get stressed, usually from working long hours, find booking into a massage parlour stress relieving, the majority are those who work in an office who are susceptible to tight neck muscles.  Types of massage that are best for this include indian head massage, which concentrates on the head, face and neck also swedish massage, which is particularly effective.

Most people prefer to try and alter their posture through massage, the best type for this, in my opinion, is Thai massage - this incoporates stretching into the massage itself.  Thai massage is very thorough and covers the whole body, because of this, Thai massages can take many hours.

For those with injuries, sometimes the muscle goes rock hard and perhaps there is some scar tissue, I'd recommend using a qualified physiotherapist to give you a sports massage.  There are often injuries which can be healed by a simple, but painful, sports massage by a physio.

For those with painful feet, you can give reflexology a try, reflexology is basically a massage of the foot, with the aim of solving the body's problems from the ground up, said to be brilliant for all types of problems (especially in the legs and hips).

Massage is an amazing therapy, that can cure many things, it is strange that it is not used more in the UK's NHS.  Often an extensive course of massage over a few weeks can make a massive difference to certain problems.  People in Gosport may benefit from aromatherapy and massage in Gosport.

Harry Chattaway has received many different types of massage (none of them rude!), due to his extensive aches and pains and various stresses in life!

Have a Warmer Winter with Underfloor Heating
harry chattaway
As we in the chillier parts of the world try to keep warm, thoughts inevitably turn to winter and we know it will be cold, damp and dark. Older folk would tell you to dress up or do something physical as a way to keep warm, but pampered as we are we want more. The options range from traditional ranges, to gas fires. Increasingly, however, people are turning to modern underfloor heating.
"Modern" isn't quite the word though. For although we might associate underfloor heating with the technology of today, it is one of the most venerable methods of heating homes. Not counting the campfire, of course. The Romans, being a kind of 400BC silicon valley startup, found themselves defending much colder climes than they were used to. Accustomed to the ripe indulgent stare of the sun back home, trying to invade boggy, rainy Scotland brought much discomfort. Clever Roman engineers thought long and hard to solve this problem.
By building the floors of their villas on large numbers of small columns, they created an underfloor space throughout the building. Then, throught the use of carefully controlled fires at specially designed apertures, the heat and smoke from the fires would circulate under the floor. This resulting heat kept the Romans snug as a bug in a rug despite silly attachment to chainmail skirts and sandals whilst fighting the Germanic hordes.
Today’s underfloor heating systems are, thankfully, a little more sophisticated but uses the same idea. Underfloor heating elements – typically hot water pipes – circulate heat beneath your feet and thus make your home that bit less chilly.
It has a couple of advantages over other heating solutions. Perhaps most importantly, most other heating solutions are generally mounted on the wall, such as radiators and fires and so on. Firstly, this places the heat-source away from the actual floor. Because hot air goes up, this means that your toes – which are susceptible to feeling the chill – wouldn't feel the heat at all. Secondly, a lot of heat is lost to the wall instead of heating the air. So while your house might not be feeling the chill you can still be shivering while the air warms up.
Things have changed over the last 2000 years and, installation no longer needs slaves and engineers. You can just 'get a man in', but also any number of DIY kits that let the competent home handy man do the job just as well.
So don't fear the onset of winter chill  – start looking into getting underfloor heating.


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